Collision between CharacterControllers on Network

I’m working on a p2p multiplayer game that has characters with CharacterControllers. I’m having issues where if both characters run at each other, one will end up jumping extremely high in the air or over the other character’s head. When one character is not moving and the other is moving, the CharacterControllers’ colliders worked fine. I’ve read in a few places that I should add another collider, which I tried on the characters, but no luck. Has anyone tried to use CharacterControllers with a multiplayer game, and if so, how’d you get collision to work? Any advice would be wonderful, this puts a damper on continuing the game >_<

So credits to Syclamoth, I ended up doing a proximity check on dummy characters. I made an arraylist that kept track of the other players and checked if they were too close or not. If they were too close, I didn’t let the dummy player update it’s position or rotation. It causes a little bit of a lag (well it looks like lag, but it’s a teleport) when characters run into each other. That’s sure a whole lot better than flying in the air randomly. It’s a shame no matter what I tried with colliders, it was an epic fail!