Collision Between Clients not working

Hello, I am making a game using uNet and for some reason when I try to get collision between clients it doesn’t register. Can someone please explain why? Thanks in advance.

Hello… its not easy to answer with so less information. Which kind of collider do you use? Do you use unitys network transform?

In my project i solved this in this way:

  • every player has a CharacterController attached.
  • every localPlayer update his CharacterController as normal.
  • every localPlayer sends per [Command] 10 times per second his position, velocity and y rotation to the server.
  • the server sends this data per [ClientRpc] to every client except the client he get the data.
  • on every client the other players (not localPlayer) where set to the position, lerp in y rotation, and his CharacterController get moved in the velocity till the next update come.

I hope this answer can help you. :stuck_out_tongue: Now the collision should work between the CharacterControllers