collision between colliders

Hello everyone!

Only one question regarding physics, and is to know if Unity has a function, that it can accept two colliders as parameters to test if the two colliders are colliding, and if it is colliding in which point and normal? It is like OnCollisionEnter/Stay/Exit event, but instead of an event a function.

Thank you in advance

Try using overlap

You'll have to figure out the collision point yourself

No, there is no such function, but you could make one, by simply storing the value of OnCollisionEnter/Stay/Exit in a local variable, and accessing that from your function. That said, what is your issue that you need a function instead of the event handlers? They should work interchangeable for any situation i can see.

Buffer the result from OnCollisionXXX(). PhysX does collisions using a broad-phase technique, which is very efficient. Writing your own individual pairwise test can easily sprawl into an O(n^2) situation.