Collision between Player and a Wall

I am trying to make a wall that the player can NOT get past. The player moves with 32 pixels per button-press, as soon as there’s collision it shouldn’t be able to move any further.

Below is the current code, any ideas?

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider otherObject)
    if (otherObject.tag == "walls-blocks")
        Debug.Log("(PlayerHitWall) Player hit: " +;

        if (w == true)
            gameObject.transform.position = lastPosition;

By the way “w == true” refers to keyboard input booleans:

if (Input.GetKeyDown("w"))
    w = true;

    s = false;
    a = false;
    d = false;

and lastPosition refers to:
lastPosition = gameObject.transform.position; (in the Update function)

What isn’t working ?

Basically, in those case you want tto know the penetration when the player goes where he isn’t supposed to, then reject him from that amount, with a reflection upon the normal of the wall, so it don’t just freeze. If your translation amount is constant, you’re probably doing the right thing.

Well, the problem is not really that the collision doesn’t work. But the way it works in my method. The way I did it is as follows:

  1. Press W
  2. The player jumps up Vector3(0,0,0) to Vector3(0,0,0.64)
  3. Collision detects there’s another Collider
  4. Due to collision it tells the player to move back: Vector3(0,0,-0.64)

This doesn’t go smooth, you can see the player move to the collision position and jump back.