Collision Dection on Tigger Enter

After a few days of struggling with this I’m still having problems. So I thought I’d try here again.

I have a sword attached to my character, the sword has a mesh collider along with isTrigger set to true.

How would I go about detecting a collision based off of this?

this is what I have thus far:

//on the weapon
var Damage=5;
function onCollisionEnter(collision : Collider)

//on the object to be hit
var Hp : int=100;
//take damage function not shown–

function onTriggerEnter(other : Collider)



everything else works, i’m just simply having trouble getting things to work on collision. the collision doesn’t register, or I coded it wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

OnCollisionEnter has a capital O. So does On-anythingelse