Collision detection for objects that has changing vertex positions

So im working in a game that will deform(transform) objects depending the velocity of the player. Im doing this through the vertex shader for each object in the scene. Object’s transform remains the same. Everything is done inside the shader.
So the problem is when a object is deformed, its geometry moves out of its collider. How can i avoid this? Is there any way to use those modified vertex positions to use in the collider?
Also is their another way to do this kind of deformation? This deformation needs to be calculated for each vertex and for each object.

Hi @StormShadowXT , I’ve never done this but I did something like this in 2d once with changing size of collider as size of the object and it worked, and if you can somehow reach to your code, maybe you can change collider vertex responsive to vertex size and this way it doesn’t matter the shape or form of vertex, it will change dynamically, at least what it worked for me.
anyway whatever was the answer please put the answer here, it’s gonna help others as well, good luck, cheers.