Collision Detection not working properly

I followed this tutorial (

And here is how my project looks like.(Its the FPC - player and 2 cubes. 1 for the ground and one named “qBlock”)
I want to destroy the qBlock as soon as the player collides with it(i.e. jumping ontop , on bottom etc)
Code attached to the player:

#pragma strict

function OnCollisionEnter(collision : Collision) {
		if( == "qBlock"){


And this will help too:
(I have not messed around with any physics settings…)

alt text

Update; I added rigidbody and collider to the box (disabling gravity - i want it to float). When I try to add these to the player , weird things happed (he ususally goes up into the sky)

alt text

When the capsule collider is added to the player and i press ‘W’ to move forward , he is getting launched into the sky.How can I fix that?

alt text

I also tried having the collider on the graphics child of player. Nothing worked!

There’s 2 colliders on your qBlock object, try removing one of those and see if that helps.

Removed rigidbody from FPS controller - Added a capsule collider and made it a little bit bigger - Set collision detection on box’s rigidbody to continuous