Collision Detection on Generated Mesh


We are create meshs from splines. Each mesh has mesh collider and trigger enabled. When we trigger mesh all colliders triggered. We need only one mesh trigger when we enter zone but all of them triggers when we enter a mesh zone. How can i sperate each mesh for trigger ?

I deeply search my code and found some tricks like that;

// This is Mesh Generator Code from any vertex. I mapp to my spline data to this code and draw meshes at true positions. But when I attach the Mesh collider on the gameobjects its not workded well. generated meshes looks true but mesh collider refers only one object. When i trigger it i receive data from all colliders.

At the end of the searcing i found a solution :slight_smile: . its bad mistake. when i try to update new GameObjects i used (GameObject)(Instantiate(obj)); from my temp game object.Because of that code has problem.

i changed GameObject objCloneCurves = new GameObject(“Line Object”);
after that all meshes works well.