Collision Detection When Picking Up GameObjects

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening … Night :slight_smile:

I happened to stumbled across a rather head-scratching issue here at the moment.
I scripted up a brand new script that allows the main player to pick up and interact with certain gameobjects.
What this essentially translates to is that the specified gameobject is parented to the player at a specific local position, and will even follow all camera motions/movement.

One odd issue does arise from this however. In that though the specified gameobject remains a rigidbody throughout these interactions, still includes collisions, operates under a fixedUpdate function and the unity time has been set accordingly to increase collision detection. It doesn’t collide with other gameobjects once parented to the player. The player movement essentially overrides all possibility of any legitimate collision.

So what occurs is that the specified gameobject just floats through all the environmental Gameobjects that are present. When in reality what I’d personallly wish to occur is that it collides with an object, remains steadfast and ceases the player the from moving any further (or rotating the camera) in particular direction.

And that’s partially why I’m here tonight.
So any thoughts, criticisms, light slander or useful tips would be much appreciated Thank you :slight_smile:

Before parenting, i would try to change the Rigidbody’s property “isKinematic” to true.
The object should still interact with other physics enabled GameObjects, but you should be able to move it around as you want. Then, when you drop it dowm set back “isKinematic” to false.

Hope this helps!