Collision If Statement And Falling throught the ground (2 questions)

Is there a way to make a if statement for collisions?
if so what is is? Or can You give me a link to a tutorial?

I would think it would be something along the lines of rigidbody collisons like:

if (player.rigidbody.collisionWith(object)){
//Do stuff here!

or something but i can’t seem to put a rigidbody on my character because i always fall through the ground. I have generated colliders on my character i tried meshcollider and character controller but i just float in the air. I have made sure i have terrain colliders on my terrains. That would also be nice if someone could answer that :smiley:

Thanks In Advance.

I’m not sure of your current GameObject configuration after all that, so here’s some links that cover the topics you mention :

Check out all the videos. Start at the bottom and work up : Unity 3D Student - 3d Modelling