Collision in oculus rift plugin avatar


I am using the oculus rift plugin avatar for making a VR project. It moves fine but, the problem I have now is that it doesn’t detect collisions, as in it penetrates the walls, no re-bouncing. I am just starting to use the plugin so, don’t know much about its use. Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


I would put a empty game object and give it a box colider. Then make it a little bigger then your regular box or sphere or other object. If your having trouble with the collided being animated then I’m having that problem too lol. Otherwise, this should work in most caces. It does for me

Perhaps, you can add a sphere collider around the eye anchor. Sphere would represent shape of a head better than a box and is faster for collision detection. This would solve the issue for dynamic rigidbodies colliding with the head. Collision with static colliders (walls, desk, etc.) is more complicated though, because the objects can’t move.

There are several suggestions around the internet regarding this issue (fading the object, darkening the screen, increasing radius of character controller). One of these might be a good fit to your application.

But in my situation, my app was a simulation and all of these solutions above, decreases the immerse feeling of VR. So I ended up using Head Collision VR, which stops the camera from going through the GameObjects. It is using a combination of collision, raycasting and overlapping to sense the collision and stop the camera move in the direction of the collision. And when the collision is over, the camera position in 3D space is restored in sync with the head move.

This way, shaking and pushback is avoided, so cybersickness is not an issue. I had it tested by several people who had tried VR the first time, and they were mostly effected by locomotion but not head collision.