Collision Matrix not working as intended

Hi, I have an issue where a wheel collider would intersect with a mesh collider, I added a layer for both the wheels and car body, and set the wheels to not collide with the body or themselves, and the same for the car body, but it doesn’t work as it should and they still intersect each other.

Gotta choose your words carefully here. From what you describe, changing your collision matrix so that 2 layers do not interact explicitly allows the objects to intersect. If you want them to collide, the collision matrix must allow interactions.

If you want them to neither collide, nor intersect, the nature of the simulated bodies must enforce this behavior in some other way. In a car suspension system, for instance, you’d limit the distance the suspension can travel such that the tire stays roughly in the wheel well so it doesn’t clip through (intersect) the car body model.