Collision no longer occurs after turning off shield (javascript)

I’m encountering a strange issue with my space shooter game (following the Walker Boys tutorial more or less). Collision works correctly with the spaceship before activating the shield and while the shield is activated, and if the shield is re-activated.

I’ve figured out that

1.) my Z position is not being changed, therefore they spaceship and the astroids ARE colliding.

2.) Other objects do not become triggered by the ship after the shield is off even though the Is triggers are checked and the colliders are setup.

3.) This could potentially be a “unity problem” as yesterday Unity magically fixed this for me. It displayed some error and said “fixing now…” in the console, and this problem was solved.

Possible quirks are that my project folder is on dropbox…so that my friend can get scripts off my project

Player Script:

Shield Script:

EDIT: I tried adding an OnTriggerEnter function to my player script, but it never (even at the beginning of the game with no shield) printed the “hi” that it was supposed to print if it ran into a trigger

Solved my own problem. I had “Is Kinematic” checked on for my spaceship which apparently makes the colliders work differently.