Collision not happening...

I have 2 objects, the player ship and a black hole. Both have Rigid bodies and colliders, but they don’t collide most of the time. On top of that, OnCollisionEnter is never called even though I fly right through the black hole. What is going on???

I put on a mesh collider, still no collision… so I tried a box collider, and that seems to work, but isn’t even sort of the shape of the model…

Two mesh colliders cannot interact with each other, unless they are set to Convex.

Try setting the “Is Trigger” switch on one of the colliders.

Try stepping back and constructing a simple test scene with 2 basic objects with colliders and rigidbodies (at least one) and attach a test script to report when either OnCollisionEnter or OnTriggerEnter is called. If you that works, compare it with the scene that’s causing you trouble.

This video breaks it down pretty well: