Collision occurring when it should not! Help!

[EDIT]: One more related oddity: I have line renderer showing the trajectory the projectile will take when I shoot it. This trajectory also shows an “X” where it is going to hit and that X faces the normal of that collision point. Interestingly enough, when I point to these “bad areas”, the trajectory does SOMETIMES stop there and shows an “X”. As if there was a collider there. But when I look at the scene, there is absolutely no collider there (even when selecting everything in the scene with Crtl+A/Command+A).

I have a game where you are constantly throwing things at people. Simple colliders for the characters and the environment as well as the projectiles. The only things with rigid bodies are the projectiles and some small props in the game.

Everything works fine. But after playing the game for a good 10 minutes, random collision start to occur. I throw projectiles and they bounce out of nothing. Or I throw them and they seem to enter some sort of “anti-gravity field” where they freeze mid-air (but continue their rotation). I can pause the game at that point, and when I look at the entire scene, all my colliders seem correct and in their right place. The scene looks perfectly fine. But collision start occurring where they should not. These “bad collision areas” stick around and sometimes seem to be part of the characters. So once these collision areas occur, they don’t disappear. The game just gets more and more of those over time until it is unplayable. I say at least some of them seem to be related to the characters, because sometimes when these characters with these bad collision areas tend to push away certain props of the environment when they are nowhere near them.

Even more odd, when I hit these bad areas, sometimes it triggers the OnCollisionEnter methods of multiple characters, who should not be related at all! So lets say I hit this bad collision area which seems to be related to character A, both character A and character B respond to that collision at the same time!

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Can anyway shed some light on this because I have run out of ideas.

Thank you so much in advance.



I remember myself having this problem before. Seems to me it hasn’t got anything to do with your script, but with the collision with other objects. Try to make sure your rockets aren’t colliding with anything else when firing them. That’s the only tip i could give. There’s probably other people who have any other suggestions?