Collision over photon network is not working

I am a beginner in PUN. I have created two player mode for a game(like PVP) and the player movement is very much fine using Photon Transform View, but the while moving the collision is happening only locally. Collision is not happening for the networked player (ie,the player which is not controlled locally). I tried with Photon Rigidbody View along with Photon Transform View, but it’s the same again. Please help me with this.

Thank you.

Hey there,

this “problem” occures since the “non-player” character, so the synced image of another player, does only follow a position given over the network. It does only follow a path of descrete points and lerps towards them.
Think about it like this: If you play your game and your character collides with another object at some other players instance - what would happen? How should the character know what to do? Follow the positions give by your input commands even though there was no collision on your side or react to a collision?

If this does not adress your problem let me know more about how your collisions do not work. What do you want to collide with? Are there rigidbodys on both objects? are they kinematic? how do you move them?