Collision problem between a CharacterController and a box collider

I am stumped. There is a game object with a box collider in my scene (specifically being used for an area boundary), that doesn’t seem to be picked up by OnCollisionEnter(). It needs to collide with my Main Character which is a character controller. I thought that I must have been missing a setting somewhere until I created another empty game object with the exact same settings and collision was detected through a Debug.Log. Anyone encounter this before? Here is the code for the collision script if anyone wants to see it:

    	void OnCollisionEnter(Collision col){
    			Debug.Log ("Collision Detected on Player");
    			movement = MainCharacter.transform.position;
    			movement.z /= (2 *activeDeceleration);
    			movement.x /=(2* activeDeceleration);

This is causing a kind of slowdown effect when shot or running into things and is confirmed to be working. I am also attatching screenshots of my Character Controller and Rigid Body Settings.

You won’t receive those events with a CharacterController because of it’s skin that is keeping its actual collider safe from everything around it to ensure smooth movement. Add the OnControllerColliderHit method to the player and do the checks from there.