Collision problem Ignorecollision

I have these objects that are being spawned. I do not want them to collide with reach other unless they are a certain height above the ground. Is it possible to ignore collisions between these objects until they have reaches a certain height? I don’t want to turn off collisions completely because they are allow to collide with other objects in the scene. I gave them all the tag “Enemy”. Thanks for any help in advance!

Should have started there : Unity Scripting Reference : Physics.IgnoreCollision, heh.

Edit: Any script can call Physics.IgnoreCollision(collider1,collider2,state) at anytime. collider1 and collider2 are Collider component reference found through script using GetComponent() or dragged through the inspector. state is a boolean(true/fale) turning collision on or off.

var myCollider:Collider;
var otherCollider:Collider;

function CollisionOff():void

I have already read that and it didn’t make sense to me. I am new to programming and wasn’t sure how to do it for my senario. Your answer did not help.