collision problem - only one sided (plane-like object)

as the title says, i have a character which only collides from one side with a tent.
this is not intended. I suspected the mesh collider, but even subdividing the tent further didnt solve it. I made a video which demonstrates the problem:
see it at Youtube

the character has a rigidbody and a capsule collider with discrete coll.-detection and interpolation attached to it.
But changing all these options didnt change a thing.

What can i do?

thanks for every idea.

To collide from both sides, you need to have a face for each side. Right now, it looks like you’re using a double-sided material on your tent. Your tent needs to have some thickness for collision to work.

Does the interior walls of your tent have polygons facing into the tent? or are you using a two-sided shader to render that? Your mesh needs to have faces on both sides.