Collision Problems (early collision)

I’m following the WalkerBoys tutorial, and the Gumba game object doesn’t respond properly. The problem is that, in a specific distance, the collider goes collides outside the gameObject. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Depending on how you set up the collision function it could be colliding and returning a collision with the floor (as the other guy said).

What i would do is set up this:


function OnCollisionEnter(collidedWith : Collision)
    //Choice A - Useful if you are the only player/object with player tag
    if(collidedWith.gameObject.tag == "player")
        Debug.Log("You have collided with ";

    //Choice B - Useful if you have multiple players and a script to give each a different name
    if( == "player1")
        Debug.Log("You have collided with ";