Collision problems

So, game physics are always fun.

I'm having a problem with the character controller system (That has rigidbody) and, well, basically how it bugs out really easily.

Whacky Physics Bug Demonstrated

I need some sort of solution. Essentially, a character that can bump into physics objects like the ball and not bug everything up.
Any idea or advice?

Have you tried adding physics materials onto the colliders. I can only think some of the defaul values for this are not normal. I notice the ball y position is fixed does un checking this stop this issue from appearing?

Hey, Modegames. Thanks for the advice.

I basically tested freezing the position of the ball to see if that worked (I'm testing everything).
Setting physics materials helped, actually. But I can still fairly easily cause it to glitch out.

I've been spending 8+ hours on this issue now and it's kind of driving me insane. So, any advice is appreciated and I'll give you any info you need. :)

OK, this is getting silly...

For me it looks like your character is physically affecting objects, but not vice-versa and its causing problems.

I suppose the issue only happens when the dog is pushing the ball against the wall? Does fixing the dogs y position help? I know you might not want this but knowing a few more details will help me give advise!