Collision too slow

I am creating an upscrolling space shooter (2D).

The problem is, my bullets go through the enemy and
get destroyed like 2 centimeters behind the enemy.

I use this peace of code to detect if
my bullet collided with an enemy:

function OnTriggerEnter (Target : Collider)
if (Target.tag == "Enemy")
	Target.gameObject.SendMessage ("GoodDamage", 1.0, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

I found answers saying to change collision detection, but that
did not help. Everything “functional” works(calling “GoodDamage” & Destroy), just destroy is executed way too late. I’m especially wondering because frames/second are at least 250 and I am thinking there must bee a lot of frames where the bullet is right inside of the collider.

Try to reduce the bullet velocity just to check if it’s really a delay problem. Another possibility: check if the model and the trigger are correctly aligned (sometimes we use the model childed to the trigger object, and they may get inadvertently misaligned)