Collision-Trigger with lerp-movement

I have my player-gameobject with a Rigidbody 2D, a Box Collider 2D and some other stuff ( Transform, scripts, SpriteRenderer ). The Rigidbody 2D is set to kinematic since I don’t want any physics to happen.

Then I have another gameobject ‘Tile’ with a Box Collider 2D and a Rigidbody 2D. I have the “Is Trigger” box checked on that object and added a script that should simply print something to the debug.log when the player enteres the Tile.

public void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)

Now when I move my player with lerp into the Tile nothing happens.

Movement inside Update:

this.rigidbody2D.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(this.start, this.end, this.lerpPosition); 

I played around with changing the rigidbodies to be kinematic but no gravity, have only one rigidbody2d and use other triggers ( OnCollisionEnter, but this resulted in errors ). Nothing worked. So what am I doing wrong?

Okay so apparently I have to use rigidbody2D.MovePosition instead of transform.position =, since the later is more like teleporting and will not trigger any physics.