Collision with a child of a CharacterController

I have a GameObject which has a CharacterController. Then I have a child of this GameObject which has a BoxCollider and a Rigidbody. When another GameObject, with a Rigidbody attached, is thrown into the scene, it collides with the SphereCollider of the CharacterController, but it doesn’t with the BoxCollider of the child, the latter when the thrown GameObject doesn’t touch the SphereCollider of the CharacterController, but it does touch and pass through the BoxCollider. I only mean to use the child GameObject as a base so the thrown GameObjects can stack on top of it. Any suggestions?

I’ve tested this combination, and the box collider only didn’t work when its Is Trigger property was set. Remove the rigidbody (it will rotate and move after collisions), and be sure that Is Trigger isn’t set. Also don’t let the box collider intersect with the Character Controller collider, or the character will have weird problems to move.