Collision with Ellipsoid Particle Emitter

Hello everybody. There is an object with Ellipsoid Particle Emitter component in my scene. I added World Particle COllider to it and enabled Send Collision Message. Then I added my script with OnParticleCollision method and wrote debug message within it. When player collides with particle emitter nothing happens. Please help.

The world particle collider is for the particles to bounce off the world. Note how normally particles will gladly fall below the ground, etc… . Since particles aren’t really gameObjects, there’s no way to drag a collider onto them. WorldParticleCollider takes care of that.

To put collision on the emitter, do it the regular way you would for anything else. Add a regular collider onto it, with a regular script with boring OnCollisionEnter. There’s no built-in ellipsoid primitive collider. So use standard tricks – fake it with a capsule, combine a few spheres, make your own Mesh for a mesh collider.