Collisions issues of CharaterController with other box colliders

I have a Player with a CharacterCollider & Coins with box colliders. When my player collides with coin, then i m disabling coin in OnControllerCollideHit() with = false (where hit = coin gameObject).

But still i m getting some back force or a kind of jerk when i collide with coin.

How can i remove that jerk or force on player collision with any coin box collider.?

I did a lot of research on Google & some forums, but can’t find related to this issue.

Any Code will be appreciated.


Two ways to do this:

  1. assign the collider host gameobject to different layers, and then use the “collision matrix” (edit=> project settings=> physics) to setup two different, non colliding layers where you respectively assign the coin prefab and the player prefab.

  2. make the coin collider a TRIGGER. Just select the trigger checkbox.