Collisions While Rotating Objects Without Character Controllers

I’m making a game where you control a single arm of one person, and you control it by moving your mouse, which rotates the arm. I have a very basic “rotate arm” script attached to the arm. The arm is comprised of an empty, in which I put the script on, and two cubes that are at certain angles that resemble an arm. The following script rotates the empty:

function Update(){
    var mouseX = Input.GetAxis ("Mouse Y");
    var mouseY = Input.GetAxis ("Mouse X");
 	transform.localEulerAngles.y += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X");
 	transform.localEulerAngles.x += Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y");

This gets the mouse input and adds rotation locally. The rotation is working fine and all that, and both cubes have box colliders attached to them.

I also have a cubicle (this is an office setting game) comprised of an empty and all of the cubes that make up the cubicle children of the empty (this was made in Blender). Each cube has a collider attached to it. When I rotate the arm, the arm simply passes through the cubicle as if there was nothing there.

I’ve experimented with every combination of kinematic/non-kinematic rigidbodies just to see if they would work in stopping the arm from rotating through the cubicle. Nothing works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Looks like the walls are set to triggers. You going to want to turn that off if you want it to collide

If there is a trigger on, use OnTriggerEnter2D(something : Collider2D){}
for 2D and use OnTriggerEnter(something : Collider){} for 3D.

If the gameobjects don’t have triggers enabled,
make sure if you’re using 2D, use
OnCollisionEnter2D(something : Collision2D){}
and if you’re using 3D, just use OnCollisionEnter(something : Collision){}

If you need more help, you can use OnTriggerEnter(something : Collider){ if(something.gameObject.tag == "object")}