Collisions... without colliders? :P

Hey guys, I’m working on a game currently that generates a procedural mesh, this means that hundreds of mesh colliders need to be added to every mesh. This results in large lag spikes, especially on the iPhone. If I disable the mesh colliders from the spawning script, there is zero lag and the world generates perfectly! (minus the player falling through the ground). I was wondering if there was a way I could detect the collision between the player and the world mesh without using colliders? Any help is appreciated thanks!

Hm, did you try occlusion culling?

Ohhhh, the problem isn’t the amount of mesh colliders in the scene, the lag is from 100’s of mesh colliders being generated at once. :slight_smile:

@jordantotty Since you only want to check for collisions between the player and the world, you could start by only creating the colliders close to the player and add the others as needed.

Also, consider using simpler colliders.