collison on trigger for multiple clones

when pressing GUI button it makes a unit (clone of prefab), this unit walks untill it has made contact with a enemy unit then the speed stops. Now if i create it again and another enemy unit they dont stop. how can i make this happen at the moment they just pass through each other?

function OnTriggerEnter (col : Collider) {
	if  (col.gameObject.tag == "Range" ){
	Debug.Log ("Hello");

I’m a little confused as to what your issue is. The second clone doesn’t stop?

For one thing you do not have to do this.


You have the collider you should access the gameObject like that. Also if you’re not caching the component and you just want to call a method you might as well use send message! So


will be more efficient and will ensure you always are acting on the clone FROM the collision and not every object named 5(clone).