Collission is detected very late. onTriggerEnter is working very late (i.e 5 Seconds late)

I have an Aircraft and a Rock, They both are colliding with each other but the problem is that, 5 seconds after the collision they explode. They both have the collider and a rigidbody attached.

When i change the speed of rock the delay decreases to 1-2 seconds but that’s too fast to see the rock coming.
Please Help. I am stuck.

Why’d you accept your own answer as the best answer? O.o lol. Anyway, what’s your explosion object like? It might just be taking too long to instantiate the object. Try pooling it instead. So having the object in the scene disabled, and then enabling it whenever you need it. But instead of destroying it when it’s done, simply disable it. There’s lots of YouTube videos on pooling.