Collosion Detection

Hello gys…I am new to Unity.I am working on 3D fighting gaming.Right now i have done this

:- Make a character and animate it in blender
:- Import it into unity and controll it with GUI button
:- The character will animate and run fine

NOw the problem is

:-As it is my fighting game .So my player have to fight with other player so i need collosion detection
:-i have applied capsule collider.
:-NOw i can detect the collosion but the problem is when i collide with other player
:-My player will fell down.I am also using rigd body gravity.
I want realstic collision detection just like other fighting game have just like taken 3 or street.

So would you plz suggest me the right path.That what you i do or learn to do ths.Thanks

You could try placing box/sphere colliders on the hands/feet and check the actor/part is actually attacking when the collision occurs? This won’t help much with implementing high-mid-low hit logic though. For that you’ll probably have to expand “attacking” to some kind of state machine in which you track if/where the actor/part is attacking.

Also, make sure you reset the attacking flag when the actor is hit. Otherwise a falling animation might be interpreted as a kick :slight_smile:

Another thing to bare in mind is that it may be possible for both actors to hit each other in the same frame. Whether you give one player an advantage, or implement some double-ko logic will be a design decision though.