Color match and attach random blocks each other?

I wanna try to do a game like tetris but the game logic is like that

-I want to match colors when they collide each of them

-And i have 6 different blocks object that have different colors. I want to choose of them randomly and i want to merge the two blocks together at the top of screen

But I do not know how to select 6 different blocks of different colors as random and link them to each other at the top.

Are there suggestions for me?

can you give us more info?

what does link mean in this context? slap them together at the meeting side and make them one color?

if you have those 6 blocks as prefabs, you can do

int randomBlockIndex = Random.Range(1, 6);

and then use the random index to instantiate random block. I am not sure what you mean by linking them together though

I have a NET Framework problem on my laptop therefore it doesnt open exactly at the line that failed but i took ss for all codes for you.

When i was worked the code,game is opening but there is no spawn or something happens.

By the way , thanks for all helps :slight_smile:

My codes are there also
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

 public class BlocksManager : MonoBehaviour {
     // farklı renklere sahip blokları alma
     public List<GameObject> blockPrefabs = new List<GameObject>();
     // blokların spawnlanma frekansları
     public float spawnFrequency = 2f;
     // blokların farklı renklere zorlama
     public bool forceDifferentColors = false;
     // blokların spawnlanma pozisyonları
     public Vector3 spawnPosition;
     private GameObject fallingBlocks1;
     private GameObject fallingBlocks2;
     private float timer;
     // random numara üretiyor
     private System.Random prng;
     private void Start() {
         if (blockPrefabs.Count == 0) {
             throw new System.Exception("No block types found in the blocks list.");

     private void Update() {
         timer += Time.deltaTime;
         if (timer >= spawnFrequency) {
             Zamanlayıcıyı 0'a ayarlamak yerine, 
			zamanlayıcıyı ortaya çıkma sıklığına göre düşürüyoruz 
			çünkü bu şekilde spawnlama periyodunu daha güzel düzenleriz.
             timer -= spawnFrequency;
     private void CreateNewBlocks() {
         // 0 sabit ama blocksPrefabs.Count sayı olarak değişir.
         int randomBlock1 = prng.Next(0, blockPrefabs.Count);
         int randomBlock2 = prng.Next(0, blockPrefabs.Count);
         // eğer 2.bloğun farklı renk olmasını zorlamak istiyorsam 
         // ve 1 den fazla blok prefabi varsa bu formül
         if (forceDifferentColors && blockPrefabs.Count > 1) {
             while (randomBlock1 == randomBlock2) {
                 randomBlock2 = prng.Next(0, blockPrefabs.Count);
         Vector3 position1 = spawnPosition += Vector3.left / 2f;
         Vector3 position2 = spawnPosition += Vector3.right / 2f;
         //fallingBlocks1 =Instantiate(blockPrefabs[randomBlock1], position1, Quaternion.identity);
        // fallingBlocks2 =Instantiate(blockPrefabs[randomBlock2], position2, Quaternion.identity);
        Instantiate(blockPrefabs[randomBlock1], position1, Quaternion.identity, transform);
        Instantiate(blockPrefabs[randomBlock2], position2, Quaternion.identity, transform);