Color of .obj file not appeared

Hello. I imported the point cloud mesh (.obj file) that I created is Meshlab to Unity but the color did not appear. It appears white.

What do I do to import the colors as well?

Thank you in advance.

1. OBJ vertex color data importer

Unity does not import vertex color from OBJ files by default, because vertex color is outside standard implementation of this format. But you are in luck, because sb asked very similar question last year and I wrote him this custom importer:

OBJ file format vertex color importer for Unity · GitHub

2. Shader to draw this vertex color data

Unity default shaders ignore vertex color data as it is non-standard data. To display it you need a basic vertex color shader you can find on the web or write yourself (Shader Graph makes this very simple).

unity vertex color shader -graph - Google Search
unity vertex color shader graph - Google Search (shader graph)