Color problem with Unity 5

So After porting my test project from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5, I have a slight problem, but I don’t know exactly what’s causing it. I generate some cubes via script at certain locations. All i have in my scene is these cubes, Main Camera, 1 directional light and couple of empty gameobjects for scripts. Let me show some pictures. This is 4.6 view 42002-11.jpg

now this very same scene, ported to Unity 5

the thing is, that I am using orthographic camera and it seems that i have 1 object,
but really, I have 2 objects and with orthographic camera they seem to be one.
But as u can see I am getting this color difference between two pieces. (as I said, this object is not 1, it consists of 2 objects under certain angles and with orthographic camera it seems to be 1 object) so the color separation is just where 2 pieces ‘stick’ together. All cubes have same default material on them and are affected only by 1 directional light. When I move camera a bit this color difference changes so I am guessing it has to do something with reflections ? that color seems different with various camera angles, I don’t really know… I tried Player settings and Lighting windows settings but nothing helped.

So i’m guessing now, is this new feature of directional light, and how can I return to 4.6 view ? Or any other suggestions ?

here is the fix