Color specular maps?

Does anyone know if Unity 2.0 will support color specular maps?

I'd imagine this is just a matter of wrting a custom shader.

What is a color specular map? Where the color of specular highlight comes from a separate texture instead of a single color per material?

This is possible now, by just writing a custom shader. I don't think it's necessary do to as a built-in shader, because not a lot of people need this...

It has actually gotten pretty popular over the last year. A lot more modelers are texturing with color specular maps. A lot of engines are starting to support it or come with it built in. It just allows for a more realistic look and can make for some nice tints.

I will try and start messing with making a custom shader. If anyone has some suggestions or maybe even a site that might have an example that would be great. If I figure it out I will post the shader.


I'd suggest starting from the built-in shaders. It's just a question of replacing a single material specular color with the one sampled from a texture map.