Color.white not so much white...

I’m experiencing an annoying problem, or maybe a bug, in my iOS game.

I have a GUI.Label text with a custom font, wich I specified to be white using GUI.color = Color.white just the line before (so it’s 100% opaque). Everything it’s fine until I noticed it doesn’t appear white, but light gray. This hapens both on the Unity Editor on Mac, and on the iOS App.

The strange thing is that, inside the Font asset, both the Font Material and Font Texture are perfectly crystal white, and so when I write with the same font in Photoshop. I think we can exclude a problem in the font itself.

This is nothing really problematic for the game, but it’s affecting a bit the visual style. Did anyone of you have experienced something similar, or have solutions about this?


EDIT: Here it is the piece of code for the text. = LapFont; = TextAnchor.UpperLeft;
	GUI.color =;
	GUI.Label(LapTextRect4,"Lap "+(MC.myLaps+1)+" of 3");
	GUI.Label(LapTextRect2,"Lap "+(MC.myLaps+1)+" of 3");
	GUI.color = Color.white;
	GUI.Label(LapTextRect,"Lap "+(MC.myLaps+1)+" of 3");

This same code generates a perfectly white text in another game I have, with another font. Anyways here you are a comparative screenshot from the current game I’m working on, with the original font both inside and outside Unity.


Is the text color for Label in your GUISkin set to White?

There are 3 values multiplied together that determine GUI label colour:

  1. The font texture pixels
  2. The current GUI.color
  3. The text color of the Label style in the current GUISkin

Could it be some sort of color-management or bad lightning/low ambient?


I believe its the pre-defined color tables because it seems that Color.White should be 0xE5E5E5 - but the PC might overrule this nonsens and thereby making it Mac OS/iOS related only in your situation.

So use the RGB value of RGB(255,255,255)

It should help = Color.white;