Colorblind mode/filter for my game


I was thinking about creating some sort of colorblind mode or filter for my game but I need some guidelines as I don’t really know how to start. I have googled around the net and found some information that may come in use.

First off, I’ve looked into the color correction script provided by unity but it seems like I can only change the color ramp by adjusting curves in photoshop, and I dont think that gives exakt values.

I found RGB values for different colorblindnesses, they provide the exakt effect I want in the “Photoshop channel mixer” but not with the curves, so I dont know how to solve that.

Next idea would be to use the setcolor function but I have not experimented as much with it.

If someone has any idea or guidelines on how i should proceed I would be very happy. Thanks in advance!

By far the best solution is not to rely on colour alone to convey information, also use something else such as pattern or shape. That bypasses the problem.

That can be difficult to do if you don’t think about it from the outset of your development though.

Offering alternative colour schemes for tricky colours is more work and doesn’t help everyone (there are different types of colourblindness, including a rare type where you can’t see any colours at all, only in black and white).

If you’re taking that approach you can sometimes get away with just offering a single colourblind mode - COD:BlOps for example, that lets you change the red/green teams to orange/blue.

Developers are now more commonly (World of Warcraft, Battlefield 4, SimCity) giving the choice of options that you’re talking about.

A very useful tool to use if you’re going down that route is Color Oracle, a free PC / Mac / Linux download that will simulate the most common types for you.

More examples and guidance here:

I found this useful blog discussing this problem, and it includes a Unity package that simulates some forms of colour blindness.