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Collection of shaders with incredible colored shadows.


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Package contains overridden version of all Unity built-in shaders to support colored shadows.
Shaders work only with dynamic light shadows and can not be backed.
Shaders are dedicated for Forward rendering mode.
Shaders receive shadows from Point and Spot lights in Forward rendering.

For shadow color controlling shaders have four option:
• Custom - custom color can be used as shadow color
• Gradient - texture gradient for shadow look-up
• Light Color - shadow color is taken from light that lit object
• Invert Light Color - same as above, but with invert light color

For shadow color controlling also can be used texture in format RGB and RGBA.
Colored shadows can be emissive.


Update History


• Free

• Unity 5 compatible.
• Fixed variables used without having been completely initialized.
• Fixed inconsistent line ending warnings.


Very beautiful :) . Is it Mobile supported?

Thanks. If mobile can handle realtime shadows, then yes.

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Very nice, I see it supports point and spot in forward, does that mean it doesn't support directional?

It supports directional light.

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Free forever

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Hey Davit, i don't know when and why you made it free, but thank you so much!
Today i was composing a scene and really needed colored shadows and bam... amazing!

Thank you very much!

The questions (using Unity 4.6.9f1 PRO):
- is it possible to make a shadow completely opaque?
- is it possible to set the blending to normal (what i mean is pick a color and get that color, kinda like an unlit polygon)?
- i guess both questions are very similar :p

Thanks again!

Colored shadow depend on shadowmap texture generated by Unity. Try increasing emission.

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Thanks man!


Just cross posting an issue relating to colored shadows not working in iOS from Unity 5.6.0f3.


Thanks for any thoughts!!

Any plans to update this for the newer versions of unity? The game i'm currently making revolves around this fantastic asset.

Exactly what I was looking for!
Any chance of it coming soon to new Unity versions?