Coloring the Custom Inspector

Hello people, i have a small question. I am not really good at this custom inspector stuff, I am trying to learn some new tricks all the time. Now, I can create a custom editor, basically like this:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEditor;

[CustomEditor(typeof(IE_WeaponScript)), CanEditMultipleObjects]
public class IE_WeaponScriptEditor : Editor {

    public override void OnInspectorGUI()
        IE_WeaponScript weaponScript = (IE_WeaponScript)target;

        // My fields...


I simply want to color the inspector, instead of default light grey, I want to color it to red, or black anything. I searched it up, found this. But could not apply it to my needs, i think that is about CustomWindows. So, is there any little trick that does this or do I have to draw a texture behind all my elements in the custom inspector, if so, how can I draw it properly in order to make it cover all the inspector? Thanks :).

All background colors in Unity are drawn with textures. Those textures are defined in the GUIStyles you use to draw all your stuff. A custom inspector doesn’t have a dedicated background as it simply draws onto the InspectorWindow (which btw is also just an EditorWindow ^^). Using DrawTexture for the background has the disadvantage that it doesn’t account for the play-mode-tinting. For that you have to use the GUIStyle background.

See the comments below this answer and also my general purpose Unity OnGUI post over here