Colors do not match between Game view and standalone Player

The colors I see in my scene in the Game view in the editor do not match the colors I see in the Player as seen in these screenshots (the Game view is at the top, the Player at the bottom):

This is running on Windows 10 and I have the PlayerSettings set to force D3D11 by unchecking “Auto Graphics API for Windows” and removing Direct3D9 from the “Graphics APIs for Windows” list.

In this screenshot there are some post effects on the main camera but I get the same problem with all post effects disabled. My desired settings are Forward Rendering Path, Linear Color Space and HDR Camera but changing any of these settings does not get rid of the discrepancy although it does obviously change the overall look of the scene. I don’t see this issue in some Unity test projects I have tried however.

Does anyone have any idea what the source of the problem might be? I’m not sure what is different about this project setup vs. others that do not exhibit the issue.


I still haven’t resolved this issue. I’ve created a minimal test scene that exhibits the same problem. Can anyone else confirm they see the same issue? Here’s a screenshot of my test scene with the Game View and Player running side by side and having clearly different lighting:

Ah, was going to ask if the Quality (Edit > Player Settings > Quality) is Fantastic.

There are options at the top under the Scene Tab. Next to Shaders and 2D make sure that Sun is bright. (As in enabled)
Next to that is a speaker. And next to that is a portrait icon. Make sure everything is checked. (Assuming the desired visual effects are in the GAME VIEW. And NOT in the Editor view.)

I believe I tracked down the cause of this problem. The marble floor in this scene (and in my actual project) is using a substance material. There is a bug with texture generation for substances in Unity 5.3 which I thought I was working around by setting my substances’ Load Behavior to ‘Bake and discard Substance’ but it seems there was still an issue with generating the substance textures when baking Realtime GI for a standalone build.

I am working around the issue for now by manually exporting the textures for the floor from Substance Designer and using them with a regular material rather than using a substance for the floor. This seems to fix the lighting issues I’ve been seeing.