"Columns" style match 3 in Unity

This is a way more broad question then I would normally post here but I was wondering how one would go about replicating the match 3 style of the classic genesis game columns. I was able to rough together a sort of rough proto type using primitive blocks and raycasts but it seemed way more complex then it should have to be. I started thinking it would be much easier to just represent the “board” as a 2d array. That way a cell can easily “query” it’s neighbors. The issue I am running into is aligning the idea of this grid with the moving objects inside it. Specifically how to align the objects to this grid. One of the issues I currently have is that the collisions of the blocks slightly move the objects meaning they don’t appear to rest in nice straight rows. How should I ideally go about this? Kinematic ridgidbodies?

Arrange things so that 1 unit in world space corresponds to a cell in the array, so that if you move an object by 1 unit, then it moves to the next corresponding array cell. See this 3D Tetris clone example, which uses no physics or colliders.

Don’t use physics at all; problem solved.