Com.unity.charactercontroller doesnt work unity Dots

So i followed the steps. installed the package

charactercontroller version : 1.1.0-exp.10

  • dragged the ThirdPerson, OrbitCamera and ThirdPersonPlayer into the subscene.
  • assigned the gameobjects to ThirdPersonPlayer
  • added the MainGameObjectCamera script to the main camera
  • added MainEntity Camera Authoring script to Orbit camera

Nothing happens on play, character doesn’t move, no camera movement nothing

For reference this guide:

ok, so to fix it i created a brand new project and rather than downloading Unity entities and the necessary packages first. i downloaded the character controller first. set up the scene

then i added package by name and made sure the version was the same as Entities 1.10-pre.3 in my case.

so my fix was about the order of the packages being installed.