Com.unity.polyspatial.xr 0.7.1 stops right-click from working in Scene view

After upgrading to 0.7.1 and Unity 2022.3.15f1, I noticed that right-clicking stopped working in the Scene view, meaning navigation is pretty much impossible. The right-click mouse icon also does not appear.

Removing the com.unity.polyspatial.xr package and then restarting Unity fixes the issue.

Adding the package back in reintroduces the issue.

I found a similar issue here


  • Scene nav widget is not locked
  • Reset window layout
  • Works fine in the 0.7.1 sample project
  • When com.unity.polyspatial.xr is present, there are no errors in the console

Update: Just upgrading the previous working project from f13 to f15 causes this issue.

If I then break a script so it doesn’t compile, then restart Unity, and skip the safe mode prompt, right-click works correctly. So this does look more similar to the issue linked above.

Hey there! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the issue. I’ve tried this in a few of our development projects for PolySpatial, as well as a fresh project made with 2022.3.15 and 2022.3.16 after adding com.unity.polyspatial.xr and trying both Yes and No to the input system dialog about restarting the editor to enable new the input system backend. Tracking down the root cause here will be tricky, but I will keep an eye out and if I see this happening I’ll investigate.

In the meantime, it will help to get some more information. It will help to share a project that reproduces the issue, even if it’s literally following the same steps I described above. Please use the bug reporter (Help > Report a Bug...) and include a copy of the project (it will be attached by default). At least that way we will know we’re looking at the same thing. A bug report will give us more info about your OS/hardware version but I can also ask here:

  • You gave us the Unity/package versions involved (thanks!), but are there any other packages in your project? If you aren’t able to send it with the bug reporter, please share your Packages/manifest.json file which will give us the full list.
  • What OS/Version are you on? I’m assuming macOS, but can you share a screenshot of the About this Mac window? If you’re on Windows, I think there’s a system category under control panel that will give us the specific Windows build.
  • Are you using a physical mouse or the trackpad? Is this a special gaming mouse? Apple peripheral? Wacom tablet?
  • Do you use any non-default mouse settings in the OS? Anything else about your environment that could be at play here?

The issue you linked appears to have been reported from Windows, so it could be unrelated if you’re on macOS. There can be a ton of reasons why mouse events don’t get to where they’re going, or some other quirky behavior causes a feature like this to fail.

Thanks for your patience and for reporting the issue.

An update: Fixed, filed bug report, a Unity IDE issue, not a PolySpatial issue.

Just in case this helps anyone else, a little more detail:

Turns out both LMB+RMB weren’t working in scene view, on either PC or Mac.

Narrowed it down to updating to 2022.3.f14, found a fix in f14:

Editor: Fixed a bug where the scene view motion tools would override custom user tools. (UUM-45813)

Found a third party plugin in the project called “Reorderable Inspector” - deleting ReorderableArrayInspector.cs fixed the issue.

Not entirely sure if the issue is the 3rd party asset, or with the fix in f14, no time to dig into it. Filed a bug report with Unity, IN-64074.

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Thanks for tracking this down! Good to know it wasn’t something in PSL but it sounds like there’s still some more fixing to be done. I’ll keep an eye on this issue but I think you’re in good hands. :slight_smile:

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