Combat and melee techniques

I’ve been researching melee and combat techniques and tutorials but so far I can’t really wrap my head around it. I don’t mean the hack and slash style combat but more 3rd person combat. I figured it’d be as simple as adding colliders onto the weapons but from what I researched that isn’t the case apparently. So what method should I use?

There are quite a few ways to do it but it certainly is not as simple as just adding a collider to the weapon.

  1. You can add a Collider to the weapon, slave it to the Hand and play Animations. But…
  • You will need to ignore collisions
    with the wielder.
  • You will need to polish the
    animations quite well because the
    volume will more precise.
  • You will probably need to turn the
    collider on/off at the proper time in
    the animation to prevent ‘touching’
  1. You can make a static volume (or cast) in front of the player which turns on/off/activates based on if the weapon is attacking, but…
  • You will have less accurate volumes
  • You will still need to time the
    damage dealing with the animation in
    some fashion
  • You could use a Spherecast or
    something here instead of a trigger

Without more specifics of what you’re trying to do it’s a bit difficult to recommend something for you, but these are two common approaches.