Combine Objects/Meshes to reduce drawCalls

Hi there,

We recently added tons of new models to our game. The result are FPS drops down to 5-10.
I guess the combination of lots of models, each consisting of tons of models/meshes themselves, causes this drops

Is there a way to combine them, so that there are fewer drawCalls?

Edit: Here is an Example of one of the new Objects. It obviously consists of too much objects itself. How can I combine them?

thank you

You can combine meshes: Mesh.CombineMeshes().

Or use a tool like Mesh Baker (or write your own) to combine meshes and make textures atlases if your models use multiple textures or materials. Lots of materials for a single model can really kill your framerate.

There are other good tips on the Modeling Characters for Optimal Performance page.

First be sure that there aren’t any real problems, such as a script hanging up on a missing bone in your model or something like that.