Combine rendertextures before convert to texture2D

I am trying to combine 2 rendertextures before it is read into a texture2D asset, i keep getting odd results. I have tried Graphics.blit, but it seems to erase what was there before, i am probably doing something wrong…

Ill explain a bit what i am doing. basically im still playing with my water shader, and combining 2 differrent rippleheights, 1 for my boat, and one for all other objects, since my boat ripple affects my boat and other objects, and the other objects ripple affects me.

now my boat ripple is being created from a compute shader, and it works fine.
i also tried to send my other ripple texture to the compute shader at first, and trying to add it to the other ripple, but thats not what i want, or i am not expert enough on compute language, they need to be seperate, so that i can adjust the ripples from other objects seperately.
So, i thought of just using Graphics.blit from the boatripple to otherobjectsripple
and then just pass the combined textures to texture2D function

i refactored the getwaveheight scripts to include the second rippleheight as well, and i am getting some results but right now, my boat ripple slider still affects the otherObjects ripple.
the shadergraph is all set up as well, the textures are added together after they are multiplied by there respective rippleHeights…

so i feel i am close but i keep getting one or the other, its like the other part gets erased or something, ty for helping! i will show a bit what i have in code:

  Graphics.CopyTexture(Nstate, Nm1State);
  Graphics.CopyTexture(Np1State, Nstate);

//  Graphics.Blit(rippleTexture,Nstate); ??????

  Graphics.CopyTexture(Nstate2, Nm1State2);
  Graphics.CopyTexture(Np1State2, Nstate2);

  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "NState", Nstate);
  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "Nm1State", Nm1State);
  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "Np1State", Np1State);
  waveCompute.SetVector("effect", effect);
  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "NState2", Nstate2);
  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "Nm1State2", Nm1State2);
  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "Np1State2", Np1State2);
  waveCompute.SetTexture(0, "rippleTexture", rippleTexture);

the above just shows 2 boat wakes ,one for the front and one for the back
the only one that has any Displacement effect is the one from the back…
then i set the textures, so i thought if i just keep setting the rippleTexture(“otherObjects”), then coping it into the Nstate that it would work??
but it seems to erase the rest…and vice versa…

and just to add the ripple for other objects is from an emitter particle passed to the other rendertexture.

what am i doing wrong?? thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: It seems just adding the ripple to the other in the commpute shader does the trick [id.xy]+=[id.xy]; so i am getting a good result, i can jump the ripple with my boat, it acts as it should, but the problem now is there are 2 seperate sliders for height, so slider one works fine, but it is both for my boat wake, AND all other ripples, so that what i am trying to do is keep them seperate.
if i use the second slider for other ripples, it only creates part of a ripple, but it looks like a naturall one just slim and crown looking, so it looks ok, here is what i got so far:


so as you can see the first is the normal ripple with slider 1 in shaderGraph, second is when i use the second slider for other ripples height.
In the third , you see when i use the first slider it acts on both the boat wake, and other ripple, last is just on height of 1.2 on both wake and ripple. thats what i am trying to keep seperate, thanks again for any advice!!
I also need help with my water color and opacity/depth, lol just sayin, cheers