Combine StringAssert with Unity Debug.Log

I’m working on my Unit tests and using the Unity Testing Framework. In several functions I try and catch a few lines and when the catch phrase is called I through a Debug.Log-message, witch is a combination of a static string and e.g. a System.Exception.

How to test the combined log messages?

I tried the following:

public static void LoadStartParameterTest_ReturnLogs(string input, LogType logType, string log)
            LogAssert.Expect(logType, log);

But the test failed, because I just know the content of the static string and the parameter “log” is a combined one as discussed.

So I tried:

public static void LoadStartParameterTest_ReturnException(string input, string log)
        var ex = Assert.Catch<System.Exception>(()=>IniLoader.LoadStartParameter(input));
        StringAssert.Contains(log, ex.Message);

But the test failed again, because it is a Debug.Log and not a System.Exception.

So I would like to combine the Assert.Catch with the UnityEngine.LogType or get something like LogAssert.Contains. Has anyone any experience in that field?

It is working with LogAssert.Expect(LogType.Exception, new Regex("Assertion failure.*"));