combined posions of all children VS the actual perrants position

okay so i am having a problem with moving a game object in the scene. What i am doing is moving it from its current position to a way point, the problem comes in after it moves to the way point.

  1. object gets new position to move to.
  2. the object moves over to it.
  3. it checks to see if the 2 objects have the same position with vector3.distance !!!

So it move over fine, and they are both at the same spot, but because of the combined position of its children it reads that the object is at a different position and the distance between never is 0 even though they are at the same point!!

This is confusing so i will try to state it a different way.

point A. the way point 0,0,0
point b. the scene object that moved is now at the exact same point a A. but has 0,2,1 as its cords, which is the average of all the objects of its children.

so how is it moving point B based only on its position, but the finding the distance of A. and B. based on B’s childrens positions aswell, and how do i turn this averaged position off.

Note. was this just added a while ago, because i don’t remember it always doing this.

if this doesn’t make scenes please tell me.