Combining Boo and C#

Hi there.
In my project i am using a combination of languages - i write in Boo, but some packages i downloaded use JS or CS. The problem is that boo script doesn’t know classes written in C# (The name ‘MyCsClass’ does not denote a valid type (‘not found’).). Is there a way around?

Typically, scripts written in varied languages can’t see each other within the same compiler pass.

Unity does execute a few passes, though. If you put scripts in “Standard Assets” or “Plugins”, they will be compiled before other scripts and can be referenced by them. So long as you only need to communicate in one direction, this usually works fine.

See here for more: Unity - Scripting API:

If you need bi-directional communication, you’ll be in a tight spot. It’s possible through a variety of means, but I’ve never found one that I’m really happy with.