combining mesh in 3ds max

in the unity documentation, it states that to optimize performances, it will be better to combine meshes.

the word “combine” means to just ATTACH individual mesh objects in 3ds max to one ? Or to build the model as ONE single mesh, right from the start?

It means to just use the “Attach” function in 3DS max.

Using the attach makes the pressed object an element of your selected object, which will increase performance in both max and Unity.

As an example you could try to make a 3 Dimensional array in max, with about 1125 objects in it, thats 15x15x15.

Doing that will slow your computer down immensely, even if its only cylinders or boxes with a low polycount.

Now try combining all those boxes into one mesh by attaching them to eachother, and you should see your performance increase a load.

I’m not entirely sure why it works like this, but it think its because each object generates its own local coordinate system, and appareantly its easier to handle a single coordinate system than it is to handle 1000, which totally makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Kacer

Agreed to Kacer, I also solved my performance issue by “Attaching” or “Merging” objects in Maya. Actually I found each separate object has its own material and after attaching there is only one that sharing between them. Each material will fire a draw call in Unity and attaching will reduce the draw calls, and therefore improve the render speed.